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We at Rose Petal Housekeeping recognize the special needs of contemporary lifestyles. Many women today are employed or have other important personal responsibilities that consume their time. In their absence, the “little things” that must be done to make a house a home, accumulate to become “big things”. It is here that women, indeed anyone, would appreciate a helping hand. We at Rose Petal Housekeeping would like to help!

Why Choose Rose Petal?

 Our Housekeepers are:
  •  Screened
  •  Bonded
  •  Professionally trained
  •  Employed
 If you are satisfied with our lady and desire weekly or bi-weekly help, she becomes your regular housekeeper. If you are not satisfied, we will assign another lady for the next assignment.

 If your regular lady can't make it as scheduled, a replacement will be sent with your approval.

 We welcome occasional users of our service.

Free Time

Gift Certificates are an exclusive feature of Rose Petal Housekeeping. Give the most valuable gift of all - free time!

Our Obligation to You

Rose Petal's obligation to our clients is to provide competent, professional help and protection against thefts, damage, or lawsuits resulting from injury. We relieve you of the responsibility of withholding taxes and matching FICA because we employ our housekeepers.

Our Obligating to Our Housekeeper

Rose Petal's obligation to our housekeepers is to provide additional professional training, bonding, job security, guaranteed payment for their labor and on-the-job insurance.
What Do We Do?

Our ladies perform all the normal housekeeping chores that a housewife would do. These include cleaning the oven, windows she can reach, floors and laundry. We do not compete with janitorial services with their heavy equipment and $50-$80 per hour rates. Our ladies will do things right, including the “little things”. Because we use your supplies, the cleaners, fragrances, and polishes you prefer are the only products used in your home.

How Does it Work?

There is a four hour minimum for homes and a three hour minimum for apartments and condominiums. Our rate schedule is:
3 Hours — $83.00 (Apts. only)
4 Hours — $97.00
5 Hours — $115.00
6 Hours — $132.00
7 Hours — $148.00
8 Hours — $165.00
The normal shift is four hours and runs 8:00 to 12:00 for the morning shift and 1:00 to 5:00 for the afternoon shift, but we will meet your particular needs. Payment is made directly to the housekeeper with cash or check and she provides a receipt for each shift. Or, if you prefer, you can arrange to make payment on a bi-weekly basis.

To complete your housekeeping needs, Rose Petal offers professional window and carpet cleaning. Please call the office to schedule your free estimate.

CALL 343-ROSE (7673) for further information and appointment scheduling.

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